WJTN, Jamestown


WJTN is one of the oldest radio stations in the United States, signing on for the first time in 1924 as WOCL (We're On Chautauqua Lake.


WJTN features local programming during most of the day, including the long running Dennis Webster Show, Dan Warren, Lee John and John Tesh. 


WJTN News features local and ABC National News during the day as well as local newscasts each day. 


WJTN Sports features play-by-play of local high school football and basketball as well as NFL Primetime Football! 


WJTN Syndicated Programming includes Jim Bohannon, Coast-to-Coast AM as well as programs and short-features during the week and weekend. 


WJTN is proud to be involved with the local community. Often you can see our staff volunteering in clubs and organizations each day. We also take pride in staying local, with many community remote broadcasts and programming that is important to our listeners. 


WJTN targets the 35+ Adult Listener.



1:00a-5:00a: Coast to Coast AM

5:00a-6:00a: America In The Morning

6:00a-9:00a: Dennis Webster Show

9:00a-Noon: Dan Warren Show

Noon-3:00p: Lee John Show

3:00p-8:00p: John Tesh Radio Show

8:00p-10:00p: Our American Stories

10:00p-1:00a: Jim Bohannon Show



Midnight-1:00a: Lite Rock

1:00a-6:00a: Coast to Coast AM

6:00a-8:30a: Intelligence for Your Health

8:30a-8:40a: This Week in Local News

8:40a-8:55a: Community Spotlight

9:00a-10:00a: Saturday Breakfast Party

10:00a-11:00a: Times of Your Life

11:00a-11:30a: Farm Bureau Show

11:30a-Noon: The Resource Center

Noon-1:00p: High School Bowl / Lite Rock

1:00p-2:00p: Lite Rock

2:00p-5:00p: John Tesh Radio Show

5:00p-9:00p: Dick Bartley Classic Hits

9:00p-10:00p: Saturday Breakfast Party

10:00p-Midnight: Sounds of Sinatra



1:00a-6:00a: Coast to Coast AM

6:00a-7:00a: ABC's Perspective

7:00a-7:30a: Farm Bureau Radio

7:30a-8:00a: Radio Chapel

8:00a-8:30a: In Search of the Lords Way

8:30a-9:00a: The Family Church

9:00a-1:00a: Lite Rock